Dubb Affiliation is made up of two talented and unique rappers. Victor Caro aka (Dub Ro) followed by Thomas Williams aka (Cat Pro).

These are the fantastic two that make up that West Coast Group Dubb Affiliation. The group had their first Premiere as the fore group for German Rapper Kool Savas and Moe Mitchell were they dazzled the crowd with their West Coast Style. Soon to following they found themselves booked as the fore group for the Ying Yang Twins in the Club Capital in Würzburg. And Xzibit the following weekend at the Club Legend in Böblingen for a West Coast Night to remember. The group is known for their flashy yet grimy lyrics and there West Coast feeling that you will never forget. Look out!!!
The Take Over is coming.

Thomas Williams a.k.a. Catastrophic Prophet b.k.a. Cat Pro

Thomas Williams

Born and raised in California, grew up in South Central Los Angeles and Huntington Park.

Hip-hop has always been a way of life for youth growing up in urban communities. East coast artists such as Run DMC, Eric B & Rakim, Whodini, LL Cool J, and Kool Moe Dee were idolized during the "'80s Old School Era". However, Cat Pro chose another avenue, and supported West Coast artists such as Toddy Tee, Mix Master Spade (R.I.P) World Class Wreckin Crew and L.A. Dream Team. He was later influenced by the gangsta sounds of Ice T, N.W.A., & C.M.W.

After a brief military career, he pursued his dream in music, along with Mr. Mo Beats, Snooz, and Meticulus, in 1996, created the group Illestrators. They performed as opening act for groups such as the Lost Boys and Blahzay Blahzay in Stuttgart, Germany. Also along with Rugged I and Intellect Ent, performed at the world Pop-com '98 venue in Cologne, Germany with artists such as Jay Z, Beverly Knight, Junior Mafia, etc. Continued to perform throughout Germany through '99, however job relocation was the major factor in the group's split in 2000. All members remain close in support each other's music career decisions.

In 2000, Cat Pro linked with Top Notch from San Antonio to form the group "Da Outfit". They were influenced by a pseudo electric funk sound, incorporated by the Sarajevo based group "Ornamente". Produced in the studio of Balkans legend Dino Merlin, the 2001 album release of "Lost Underground" was sold in stores worldwide. They performed at venue throughout the Balkans such as Bosnia and Hungary. Since then, Top Notch has embarked on a solo career, releasing two underground albums (2004-2006) and currently working on his third.

In 2009, after connecting with Ro-Dizzle, Mac-Tre, and Mr.BPS, the group Dubb Affiliation was formed. A Southern California bred, Southern Germany based group with a West Coast Style hip-hop sound. Have performed as opening acts for artists such as Ying-Yang Twins, Kool Savas and Xzibit, and have performed as featured act all throughout Germany, as well as the Czech Republic, and are currently putting the finishing touches on an EP which should be in the stores by Mar 2010.

Victor Caro aka Ro-Dizzle

Victor Caro

Born and raised in California and grew up in different parts like Gardena, Inglewood, Compton and resided in Oxnard.

Always grew up in the midst of hip hop, R&B, poppin, rap and beatbox contest. This stims way back in the early 80s when it was real hip hop!! I grew up with folks like Street Poets, Roc C, Declaime aka Dudley Perkins, Madlib, M.E.D, Wildchild, DJ Romes (Lootpack), Oh No(Madlib?s Little Brother) and J-Ro of the Alkaholiks. This then begin to filter out of how I have started to get to know artist in the game.

After graduating high school, He joined the Army and came to Germany in 1995 where he begin bouncing and have done this for over a couple of years. He bounced at the Temple, Monument, Proton, Grand Central and have done plenty of parties in Mannheim and so forth. He then met plenty of other artist like The Outlawz, Planet Asia, Pharoah Monk, Horace Brown, Afrob, Sammy Deluxe, Scorpio, Giovanni from BroSis and many more. Then back in 2000 he helped formed the group the LoLifeClique in Europe in which we do have a lot of members spread across the US also. We did a lot of performances in and around Germany. Then he was down in Iraq for about 3 years 2004-2007. Came back and teamed up with J-ro again. We opened up for Snoop in Zurich. Then Ro-Dizzle met up with Chilly Chill to be on his new DVD featuring Kurupt, Snoop Dogg, Daz and many more Westcoast artist.

Ro-Dizzle was born in the tough livings in Oxnard and was raised by a single mother who had to keep at least 2 jobs to put food on the table. So that means she were never home so sometimes he had to hustle and struggle to make ends meet. Coming up in the mean streets of Oxnard and Los Angeles Ro-Dizzle had to find other things to keep him occupied and sometimes that meant doing whatever it meant to eat, sleep and make ends meet. Not much to entertain himself with so he had to work on other things to kill time like playing sports, singing and rhyming with friends at the age of 12. He and his mother moved around a lot but he spent a lot of time in Los Angeles at his uncles & aunts house in Inglewood, Compton and Gardena. He spent time there to get away from the trouble he would get into in the summers but never the less those areas didn?t make it much better. That?s when sports and music became the ticket to his madness.

Artist like Ice Cube, Chilly Chill, King T, Kokane, Alkaholiks, Tha Lench Mob, DJ Quik, AMG, Second 2 None, MC Eiht, Madlib, Declaime aka Dudley Perkins, D-Moe aka Daryl Moore, James Chambers, KNS Rockstars, Lootpack, Dr. Dre, The DOC and many more inspired him to do his thing to give back to the west coast what he had to offer. Especially his homie J-RO (Tha Alkaholiks) in which he is talking to most of the time. Don't be surprised if you see them on tour and on a track together soon Working on the latest and greatest project right now with his group "Dubb Affiliation" which should be the hottest EP next year. Bring the WestCoast back out in Europe is the main interest to have a westcoast revival. He says to let everyone know you have the WestCoast sitting right here in your living room. The name hasn't been released yet because the EP is about finished but it will have a lot of West Coast Heat on it for you to vibe and talk about. Right now the group has been touring Germany so far. Ro-Dizzle and his group been in Club Legend in Boblingen, Shonaicher Furst, Club Capitol in Wurzburg in which they have opened for people like Kool Savas, Moe Mitchell, Ying Yang Twins and Xzibit. As they continue to build their resumes they are about to blow folks away with their unique sound.

Be on the lookout for the EP dropping early next year and guest appearances from great artists in the near future. Dubb Affiliation spits fire, likwit and bullets which makes up a funktified potion of West Coast formula!!! DON'T GET IT TWISTED!!

DJ Black

DJ Black

From an early dream, a passion developed for the black music scene and from one task: to conquer the wide world and change it!

DJ Black was born in 1979 as Omar Naim. As a native Afghan, he moved with his family in the small town of Nagold (near Stuttgart). He began in 1995 with Dj?ing in various school events around the Stuttgart area.

Since 1997, he put on various events in clubs and discos on National and International (Proton - Stuttgart, Perkins Park - Stuttgart, City Department - Stuttgart, Club Liberty - Ulm, Casablaca - Pforzheim, Flash - Pforzheim, Cream 21 - Heilbronn, K7 - Zurich, B2 - Hamburg, Orange Club - Mannheim + Kiel, B29-Schwäbisch Gmünd, 2 Club - Schwäbisch Hall, Kiss - Aalen, people, etc. His references include giants of the music industry such as LL Cool J (opener), Snoop Dogg, Xzibit , Trillville, Jay-Z Album Release, Soulja Boy, KRS-ONE, Ying Yang Twinz, DJ KOOL, Young LA, Crime Mobb, Young Hot Rod (G-Unit), Petey Pablo, Fatman Scoop, Levi Little (Black Street) Shai, Lumidee, Darnell, DJ T-Luv (Missy Elliott), DJ Woggie (G-Unit), DJ Tommekk, Kool Savas, D-Flame, KAAS, Olli Banjo, Dubb Affiliation and Azad on.

In 2004 he became the CEO of the Fellaz Magazine (the most famous scene magazine in the Stuttgart area) network. He recognized the talent and took him into his "Fellaz DJ Crew" on. There followed postings and his own party ranks.

In early 2004, DJ Black took his place among the creative minds of his crew. Since then, he is "Official DJ" of Dubb Affiliation. From that time, he produces his own beats and Germany actively supports the team with new ideas.

Also, the current musical trend of the house scene is not completely insensitive to it. So it was that he also recorded some tracks in 2009.

His latest project is now to break into the game on an international level. With him Dubb Affiliation, which consist of Victor Caro (Dubb-Ro) and Thomas Williams (Catpro), that will soon change the music industry. For these artist he is the official DJ. They will soon shoot a video in which DJ BLACK is producing and starring in. The project also consist of Dubb Affiliation and an album by DJ Black forthcoming.

He also is working on his new mixtape that will be published.??We are all waiting anxiously next to his train.?But whatever, he got the ball rolling on and nothing will stop him!